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Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here



Amtrak Rail in the USA



Amtrak Info

Public Rail Transportation - Amtrak

Back in the early part of the last century the primary mode of transportation to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and many of our National Parks and our cities and their tourism spots were the rail roads of the USA. Unfortunately, the oil and automotive industry nearly, and almost completely, destroyed public transport by rail. From the ashes of this rose the Phoenix of Amtrak, a government run passenger rail service that crisscrosses the USA and provides low cost, comfortable, and scenic views of America.


High Speed Rail - Why it is needed

California has decided to go with the High Speed Rail for Amtrak from San Francisco to locations in the Central Valley and southern California areas.  This is to eventually tie into a network the stretches from the Canadian to the Mexican borders, and to Las Vegas and the American Southwest Tourist areas.  This will be a boom to the tourism industry in these areas.  The east coast from Washington, D.C., to Boston, MA already has some High-Speed rail service and it to will be expanded down the coast to Florida, which will improve tourism along its path.  HSR is here to stay, and if you are a tourist or a provider of services to tourist, then you should welcome the technological advancement of HSR; it means improved access, or business opportunities.

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Short range, High-Speed Commuter Rail

There are many areas of the country that are bedroom communities to larger cities, Benson, Vail, and Willcox Arizona is one such area that is tied to Tucson by Interstate 10, and freight railroad tracks used twice a day by Amtrak's long-range trains.  The problem is that Amtrak only stops in Benson, and it is going the wrong way at the times the commuters need the transportation.  The suggestion is this:

Amtrak and the freight line carriers should consider having five (5) commuter runs per day in each direction, two in the morning, one at noon, and two in the evening.  These would be single self-propelled cars remotely or physically operated that can carry from 30 to 50 passengers.  These passengers would be commuters, tourist, students, shoppers, seniors, handicapped and youth the do not drive, and entertainment seekers that want to travel to Tucson toss down a few and get safely home in the same day without the hassles of the I-10 trip and associated cost and traffic.

The rails are there, the track time is there, the stations are there, all it will take is Amtrak wanting to serve the community while making a buck doing so.  And if it works out, Amtrak should consider doing the same in many other rail corridors.

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