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Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here


Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here



High Speed Rail in the USA

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USA Advantages to Developing High Speed Rail

The advantages to developing high speed rail in the USA are many, but the biggest is that we can create jobs, jobs, and more jobs, for the next six to ten decades or more. These jobs will be in accounting, engineering, planning, designing, acquiring, purchasing, mining, smelting, iron working, and more.

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Who Pays for What and Why?

Do you fly on the nation's airlines? Do you go to a ball game? Do you or your children use the schools? Do you drive on the roads and bridges? Do you use the Parks? Are you protected by fire, police, and military? Do you use Passports for foreign travel? Do you realize that each and every one of these things is a cost, and will not sustain itself with ticket revenue, and that the government has to subsidize each?

And do you realize that I or others may not use any or most of these items, but do like to use the trains?

We invest in our country for the benefit of all, whether all use the items we invest in does not matter, what matters is that those who want get, and those that don't must share the cost...

To me, I would save tens of thousands per year by NOT investing in ball parks, the military, and most of the projects that others feel they want or need, and I expect you and the others to do the same for ME..

FDR and You and I:

FDR funded the Hover Dam, and until then the entire American Southwest was a wasteland, now it contains million of businesses, tens of millions of homes, and some of the most profitable areas in the USA, all due to this one little Public Works Project that has for 80 years provided water, electric, irrigation, recreation, and pride to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California.

High Speed Rail can be used to open up our border areas, mostly wasteland, to better security, to millions of new farms and businesses, and tons of new Tourist Trade.


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