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Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here


Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here



High Speed Rail in the USA

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Why is President Obama so obsessed with high speed rail?

We are running out of oil based fuels and airplanes do not fly to well on solar or wind energy. As for Private Companies not liking it because it is not PROFITABLE, where do you get this tidbit of knowledge? At present the nation's railroads haul nearly 99 % of its coal, and close to 50% of its commercial goods. To haul everything by truck will jam the highways and destroy each due to the weights, not withstanding that trucks are limited to 55 mph and therefore, cost more to operate than any current train. When we have a National System of High Speed rail, we open up America to millions of businesses, millions of tourist and other travelers, and do so at what is proven to be one of the lowest cost and safest transportation systems in the world.....


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