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Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here


Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here



High Speed Rail in the USA

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Where do we get the money?

Obtaining money is always a problem, but the USA has done it before and can do it again. We energized the nation in 1941 and found the money to produce tens of thousands of weapons used to help win a few wars. We sold War Bonds..

We found the money to put men on the moon, and bring them back, and this started NASA, which generates many times its cost in profits for private industry.

We found the money to build an interconnecting system of airlines, and highways, and each helped push and pull the country to great wealth.

We found the money for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and for a very expensive Homeland Security agency, which many feel is not needed.

If we just pulled 2% from each of these budgets we would have tens of billions of dollars to use for rebuilding the Nation's rail systems and making each profitable and revenue generating for decades.


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