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National Gateway Project



Why does the USA need the National Gateway Project.


"The state of Ohio, on behalf of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia (collectively, the “states”), is requesting $258 million in TIGER discretionary grant funds for completion of the National Gateway initiative. With overwhelming support from governors and other state and local officials across multiple states, this public-private partnership consists of an $842 million investment in rail infrastructure and intermodal terminal capacity projects. When complete, the National Gateway will create a highly efficient freight transportation link between the Mid-Atlantic ports and the Midwest, improving the flow of goods between the eastern and western rail networks"

"Job Creation | Creates more than 50,000 jobs, including more than 25,000 jobs in 14 economically distressed areas; more than 4,000 jobs are created by the end of 2012.."


Amtrak Double Deckers:

This will also allow the Amtrak trains that use these tracks to go from single level passenger cars to double-decker cars, which will allow faster, efficient, and more scenic and comfortable rider ship.  Pittsburgh to Philadelphia (P2P) is one such route that should be upgraded as it saves hours of travel time and much otherwise wasted energy; train currently have to go to Washington, D.C., or elsewhere as only single height trains can travel the P2P route.


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