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Domestic Animal Tunnels

The last thing we want to do is build tunnels from Mexico to America that can be used by the drug and people smugglers.  But, we will in some places need to have domestic animal crossings via tunnels, thus there has to be a secure method of allowing animals to cross without allowing people to cross.

The BorderTransportationSystem proposes the following.   A 100% monitored series of tunnels at points needed by the farmers for moving livestock from one side of the border to the other.  These tunnels will have a series of steel gates where all must be opened by the monitoring station(s) under video surveillance and permit.  Anyone that tries to enter the tunnels without permission will be allowed to enter the first gate, which will close behind him or her, thus trapping him or her until proper authorities can make an arrest. 

Those trying to sneak through with the domestic animals, will be seen on camera, and again be trapped between gates until authorities retrieve them, and frankly being trapped with several bovines or equestrians should prove to be a lesson one will not want to repeat.

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