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Environmental Species Kill-offs

In the past our earth went through a series of violent events like meteor strikes, volcanoes, massive landslides and earthquakes, fires, floods, etc., that were natural and that killed off thousands of species.  Today we still have some of these events, but now many are man caused due to ignorance and carelessness.  We have the burning of fossil fuels that are causing Global Warming and pollution of our land and waters, and our garbage is killing off species that eat it, or get trapped by it.

Our vehicles, chemicals, fertilizers, and land clearing are also killing off many species.  The BorderTransportationSystem is designed to minimize negative effects on non-human species, and in fact is designed help protect many species from extinction.  The system uses Green non-polluting energy; creates Green Areas and Ponds; has safe crossing areas; and has responsible hunting and fishing areas.

If you have been to Biosphere2 in Tucson, Arizona, you will have seen some of the ways we can protect the environment and the various species that reside in it. 

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