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Long Bridge / Elevated Track Construction

There should not be too many long bridges on the BorderTransportationSystem, but the Mag Lev will be elevated for most of its route, and therefore it may be subjected to high wind loads.  Bridges subjected to high winds have a tendency to lift and to vibrate, thus there has to be design considerations that can be incorporated for the prevention of this phenomena.  The American Southwest can have violent storms that produce winds upward of 75 miles per hour with gust to over 100 MPH.  These strong winds can effect elevated track beds and moving trains, and thus have to be taken into consideration in designing the BorderTransportationSystem.

As one nears the Gulf of Mexico at Brownsville one faces hurricanes and other major storms that can effect the system, thus this too has be considered.

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Magnetic levitation (maglev) is a highly advanced technology

Recent Research and Applications of Numerical Simulation for Dynamic Response of Long-Span Bridges Subjected to Multiple Loads {see drawing # 7}

Wind effects on long span bridges



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