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Computer Code Files

Computer software is the heart of many communication and security systems, and the use of computers and software within the BorderTransportationSystem will be critical.  Unfortunately, computer code changes almost as fast as a person changes his or her socks, and therefore, trying to store a 'final' copy of any code is near impossible.  But, many of the devices that will be used within the system will have reasonably stable software, and a copy of that should be maintained in a secure location. 

Software development is interactive in that one company's software may have to interact with devices and software of another company, thus any software changes must be properly documented and notice of any changes must be distributed to all possibly effected companies in the system, BEFORE the modification is incorporated.

All code must be 'commented' prior to each new subsection of the code, i.e., if the code is for entering a name and then changes to controlling a light bulb, there must be <!-- the comment --> inserted for each item.

All vendors will be required to submit a package of software along with proper instructions on obtaining new code, servicing existing code, and replacing parts of the code that it supplies to the  BorderTransportationSystem.  Proprietary coding files shall be labeled as such and only those permitted to view these will be allowed to access each via a secure access system.

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