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Desalination Plants at Each Station

There will be some 35 or more stations along the BorderTransportationSystem route, and each of these will require fresh water, but not all will require a desalination plant to turn the transported salty sea water to fresh water.  There are in the eastern parts of Texas many rivers, including the Rio Grande, that supply fresh water to the area.  This fresh water will require purification to remove dirt, trash, bacteria, and chemical contaminates that may find its way into the water via nature, animal, or man.

Toward the western end of the BorderTransportationSystem the land is mostly desert and barren with little natural water, except for the Monsoon Season in late June, July, and August.  There is a need for fresh water in these western areas, and the best way of getting this water is to use Sea Water that can provide water for fish hatcheries, mineral mining, salt, and other ingredients for farming and manufacturing that will sprout up along the system's route.  The Sea Water pumped into the system can be desalted and demineralised at the point of use, and at the purification stations, which cuts the chances of polluted water getting to the Stations / Rest Areas, and the towns, industrial parks, and farms along our U.S.A. / Mexico border.

The Point of Use of the water also allows for recycling of water at these locations as we will have the ability to reuse much of the water, as demineralised and purified water.

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