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Funding the Desalinization Plants

Everything has to be paid for and the idea behind the BorderTransportationSystem is that little to no Federal or State funds by required, that the system is self-funding.  This is impossible and there will be an need for Federal and State 'seed money' to do the initial engineering and build.  The government funding will be via Bonds, and Grants.  The private sector will gain immensely from the projects at the engineering, construction, maintaining, and use aspects of the BorderTransportationSystem and it is they that should pay for the system. 

The use of the Salt Water and the desalted fresh water is going to be immense as each station is built and put into effect, as each factory opens, and as each farm starts to plant and produce.  There will be a schedule of cost vs. use for the various aspects of use.   There will be one big difference between the system's water cost and the normal cost of using Public and Private Utility water, and that is the cost vs. the volume of use.  Many Public Utility water companies lower the unit cost as the volume goes up, this is wasteful and encourages more use of what is becoming a scarce commodity; our proposal is that you pay more per unit as you use more, which should encourage conservation of use.

Note.. Additional funding is by various user fees and by advertising in the stations and possibly by publications handed out in the passenger vehicles.

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