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Water Purification Needs

The BorderTransportationSystem will be carrying approximately 2,000,000 people per year and each person will use about 6 gallons of water for toilets, drinking, washing up, etc.  There will also be a considerable amount of waste or Graywater and it too needs to be considered and reused where possible.

Graywater Systems - Phoenix Arizona - AquaCell water recycling

Human Waste Solids

Putting Human Waste to Use

Reuse of excreta - Wikipedia

Glossary of Terms for Waste Products - Pennsylvania chapter 271

Chlorine Storage

Chlorine is used for final purification of water, it kills bacteria that may have passed through the filters.  It will be required at each purifier location. 

State of Hawaii.

Pamphlet 155
Water and Wastewater Operators Chlorine Handbook  {*.PDF - external file}

Fresh Water for All

EPA and Mexico

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