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Driverless Cars

The world is heading toward the use of Driverless Cars and Trucks, and it is making progress as many companies are now making individual parts and sensors that together may eventually be used to manufacture fully Driverless Vehicles.

The BorderTransportationSystem will take several years for approval, and several years to be built and become a reality, thus Driverless Vehicles may be common upon the system's opening date.  Therefore, the BorderTransportationSystem should accommodate both driver assisted vehicles and driverless vehicles, with speed variations from 50 or 60 MPH to upwards of 120 MPH or more.

For the slower and older vehicles, there may be a better method than allowing each on the BorderTransportationSystem as driver assisted vehicles, that being to load these vehicles on High-Speed Transport units much the same as currently being done on Amtrak's Auto-Train.  The fee for this service can be the same as the normal cost of driving a vehicle, which would include the 'wear and tear on the vehicle', and the 'cost of fuel potentially used'. {Approximately $0.36 per mile.}

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Driverless Cars


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