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Garbage Collection

Trains will be cleaned daily after each complete run, and the trash collected.   Stations, Border Patrol areas, and Rest Stops will also be cleaned daily.  The biodegradable trash will be taken to a remote dumping site and buried, to be seeded with bacteria that can turn the trash into Methane Gas for use in generation electricity.  Rest Stop franchises will be required to use biodegradable eating utensils, plates, bottles, and cups and will be required to properly dispose of table scraps and cooking oils or greases. 

Biodegradable garbage from towns along the BorderTransportationSystem route can also opt to ship their waste to one of the Methane Gas dumping sites.  This can be done by using specially modified High-Speed Rail cars that can accept the garbage, be covered to prevent air and earth pollution, and be quickly unloaded at the specified dumping sites.

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