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Noise Pollution Considerations

Noise pollution is a problem in areas that are close to railroad tracks and crossing, the norm is for the trains to blow the whistle when approaching a crossing, even if this is 4 am in the morning.  The BorderTransportationSystem has no crossings and the High-Speed trains do not have to worry about slowing down until each reaches its destination.  The same with the Mag Lev.  Thus, whistle noise should not be a factor.

Wind Turbines used to generate electricity do make a sound that can be disturbing to animals and people, the BorderTransportationSystem does use Wind Turbines, but will do what it can to locate these generators away from sensitive areas.

Track noise can be bothersome, and there will be several tracks with trains running constantly as each will be carrying passengers or freight.  Where it becomes objectionable will be in the urban areas of the route, and most of the route is rural.  There may be a need for sound barriers in some locations, this will be an extra expense.

The Mag Lev trains will be elevated and since each does not have an engine and each rides on a cushion of air, the only noise should be the sound of the wind rushing by each unit.

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