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Aerodynamic Front Designs

Currently the majority of Freight carrier rail units are either flat for shipping containers, or box-like for most other items.  The BorderTransportationSystem is designed to use individual electric motor driven freight units that can reach speeds in excess of 140 MPH or more.  To do this, an aerodynamic design is needed, this will reduce wind resistance, help prevent bird strike damage, and provide a place for the electric pickup and engine.

These freight cars will have standard railroad couplers so that each can be switched to and from the BorderTransportationSystem to the legacy rail systems that lace the U.S.A.. The reason for individual freight units is to help eliminate railroad switching yards and the hours to days of delay each adds to the shipping time.  It may be reasonable to have a fuel driven motor in each unit so that each unit can fully bypass the switching yards and be computer directed directly to the final destination. {future goal}

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2020 Horizon - Integrated Standard Transportation unit

Integrated Standard Transportation Unit

ISTU - Integrated Standard Transport Unit for Self-guided Freight Container Transportation Systems on Rail


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