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Cargo ID Matching

In the past it was somewhat difficult to track cargo and match it to the rail or truck doing the carrying of that cargo, but in recent years companies like and such have the computing and tracking power to email the receiver the time of delivery, and within 15-minutes of delivery, the fact that the item was delivered.

The BorderTransportationSystem will be moving cargo across the nation, and this cargo may be a mix of U.S.A. and Mexico cargo, as well as the thousands of containers coming from foreign nations into our Brownsville and San Diego ports.  Due to this the system will require entry / exit scanning, and scanning at the various Mexican entry ports along the system.  The scanning needs to be recorded and maintained for a period of one to three years, and the data, i.e., contents of each, railcar ID number, container ID number be available to the U.S.A. and Mexican Border Patrol Authorities.

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ISO 6346

ISO 668 - Series 1 freight containers — Classification, dimensions and ratings

ISO Standards Handbook: Freight containers


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