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National Park Service - NPS

Our national park service is now 100-years young and it provides countless joy to tens of millions of travelers from the U.S.A. and every other nation in the world.  It is not a money maker by any means, but it does protect our environment, protect our wildlife, add to our clean air and water resources, and add to our nation's heritage. 

The BorderTransportationSystem will cut through or parallel many of our state, local, and National Parks, and thus it will open up more of nature to those that may not have ever been able to see these parks.  The BorderTransportationSystem with its super-highway and High-Speed rail services will allow access to areas where roads and rails currently do not exist.  This should allow the NPS to generate more funds for its parks that currently are great, but have very limited access, and thus visitors. 

In some areas we have had to limit movement in our National Parks due to not having sufficient personnel to patrol the border crossings within the parks, i.e. Organ Pipe Cactus National Park is one such area.

The National Park Service has been notified of the project via the Department of the Interior, but due to Congressional budgets declined getting involved.  Now the situation has changed in that the BorderTransportationSystem is being designed to be 'self-supporting' via investors and user fees, and thus the system should be a must support entity for the NPS

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National Park Service and Mexico’s National Commission

National Park Service - NPS

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