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Anti-hacking Within the System

Anti hacking software..
Like all devices that are microprocessor or computer controlled the one's and zero's can be manipulated by hackers, i.e., people with knowledge on how to change a one into a zero or zero into a one for questionable purposes.

To give an example. Here is the number 8 written in 4-bit code 1000 where 1=8 0=4 0=2 0=1.. By changing the code to 1010 the number becomes 10 where 1=8 0=4 1=2 0=1. The maximum count in a 4-bit code is 15, and since we only count from 0 to 9 in the base 10 system, the number 10 can represent the letter A, 11 = B, 12 = C, etc. In today's code sequences our computers use 32 or 62 or 128 ones and zeros to produce numbers, letters, or symbols. The number eight would be represented as:
00000000000000000000000000001000 in a 32 bit byte. The letter A would be 00000000000000000000000000001010.
Thus if a hacker wanted to mess up the code and the items being done by the code, he or she only has to change one bit, like this...
00000000000010000000000000001010 and we now have something very different than the letter A..

Code that is transmitted over the air via WiFi or other methods can easily be intercepted and changed, or it can be intercepted and used as is for destructive purposes, therefore computer and software designs go to great lengths to assure that this does not happen.

The BorderTransportationSystem uses both over the air, and hard wire (or Fiberglass Fiber Optic cable) systems. Over the air for non-critical communications, and hard wired for critical communications. The wire or Fiber Optic cable is secured within the 'T' tower of the system and therefore, extremely difficult for an outsider to tap or defeat.

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