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Hydrogen from Water

The technology of obtaining a fuel like Hydrogen from water is still in its infancy and is still very costly, but it is a viable source of energy that may be used in the future to power our vehicles, our homes, our businesses, and our military.

The technique is to separate the 'H2' hydrogen out of the 'H2O' water, and thus have 'H' or hydrogen which makes up fuel, and 'O' oxygen which is used as the the oxidizer that is needed for combustion.  When a fossil fuel is burned it produces carbon, carbon dioxide, and many more harmful pollutants.   When Hydrogen and Oxygen are burned it produces water 'H20' and therefore, the process of turning water in to fuel results in water as the waste product of the burning.

Various techniques have been used to for this, but most require large amounts of costly energy, i.e., fuel, for the process. The BorderTransportationSystem is designed to provide low cost solar and wind energy, that can make the process of developing Hydrogen energy feasible.

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