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Insurance Coverage:

The BorderTransportationSystem is made up of dozens to hundreds of companies that are supplying engineering, funding, accounting, materials, labor, and other services to the system and the U.S.A. / Mexican nations and public.  Therefore, it is imperative that there is a means of protection against intentional or unintentional harm to the system and everyone that is involved in the design, construction, use, and maintenance of the system.  This protection can be in the form of Bonding or various insurance policies.  Each company or person involved therefore, must provide insurance coverage that is suitable to that company's activities within the BorderTransportationSystem.  

The insurance may need to carry comprehensive, liability, medical, omissions and errors, and other that will protect both the company buying the insurance and the people using that company's services.  

During Construction the companies must provide Workman's Compensation Insurance to workers, and any insurance purchased or needed must comply with the Insurance Laws of the State in which the company is acting, which in this case are California, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, and Texas.

The management of the BorderTransportationSystem shall require, catalog, and store in a secure manor the Certificates of Insurance of each company.

Employees on the payroll, both temporary, part-time, full-time shall be covered by insurance that provides the following Insurance coverage: Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Life, Hospital, Short-Term Disability, Dental, and Vision. Supplying Life Insurance is optional, but Key Man Insurance and Umbrella insurance should be considered.

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