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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

One of the prime benefits to the BorderTransportationSystem is the fact that it will produce immediate jobs for hundreds of people, and then thousands of jobs for thousands of people, and eventually millions of jobs, on both sides of the U.S.A. / Mexican border.

Immediately, there will be a need for designers, drafters, engineers, managers, attorneys, artist, and host of support personnel.   Then during the build stage there will be opportunities for truckers, heavy equipment operators, construction workers, planners, inspectors, testers, electricians, plumbers, metal workers, drywall and plaster contractors, roofers, flooring and tile installers, painters, welders, carpenters, etc..

During the build stages there will be a need to build the rolling stock, both freight and passenger rail cars, which will take designers, engineers, sheet metal workers, plumbers, electricians, fabric workers, window glass installers, iron workers, welders, carpenters, etc..

Once up and running there will be a need for cooks and servers, utility personnel, cleaning crews, inspectors, customer service representatives, ticket agents, parking lot attendants, medical personnel, presenters, maintenance personnel, loading / unloading personnel, etc..

Naturally, there will be all the existing Border Patrol and immigration jobs as well as national security personnel.

After the BorderTransportationSystem is completed there will be industrial parks, tourist opportunities, fisheries, cemeteries, waste disposal plants, water purification plants, and dozens of other specialty establishments created that would not normally exist without the BorderTransportationSystem.

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