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Maintenance Facilities

The BorderTransportationSystem is designed to be reasonably maintenance free, but not all can be free of 'scheduled' or 'preventive' maintenance.  There will be sensors that burn out, motors and generators that need lubrication, road and track surfaces that will be deteriorated by wind, rain, heat, cold, and sand.  The Rest Stops and the Border Patrol Stations along with their ID sensors and gating systems will need scheduled and unscheduled attention.  The High-Speed rail engines and car units will regular maintenance.

Maintenance Education Facilities:

Thus, there will be a need for a Maintenance Training Facility, and for Material and Tool storage facilities.  Since the system is High-speed the facilities can be fewer than normal as personnel and materials can be moved rather quickly to a problem area.  Both the U.S.A. and the Mexican side of the system will require facilities.

Franchise Facilities:

There will also be a need for two to three daily 'house-cleaning' crews to take care of restrooms, cleaning passenger rail cars, and cleaning the general areas of the franchise areas.  The cost for this can be recouped as a small fee tacked onto the franchise area gross sales per month or year.

Initial Cost Considerations:

The initial cost will be high for these facilities, but as the various interconnecting road / rail systems become a reality, these initial maintenance facilities will become the 'prime' facilities for much of the nation's Mag Lev and High-Speed rail.

{need listing of all the Maintenance jobs and facilities needed }

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