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Engine, Carriage, Track Repair Facility

High Speed Rail and Mag Lev systems depend on a combination of regular fossil fuel and specialized electronic engines.  The fuel of choice is electric that can be generated 'free' from wind and sunlight, but in special instances a fossil fuel engine may be required.  This is a key item of the BorderTransportationSystem that is NOT reflected in the below Cost Analysis of Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of a High-Speed Rail System.

The use of solar and wind along the BorderTransportationSystem will be sufficient to run the system and supply towns and other facilities along the route, thus one must deduct the cost of electric fuel from the estimates. 

The High-speed Rail in Europe and Asia report {below} has some very negative aspects, but one has to consider that in the future the cost of gasoline will rise as it becomes nearly depleted by mid-century.  Additionally, even with faster and safer airline systems, the cost to accommodate with new or expanded airports and Air Traffic Control, plus the cost of fuel will make airline travel in the continental areas very expensive, and probably out of the reach of the normal traveler or tourist.

"The training grant from the state (California) Employment Development Department was awarded jointly to the Fresno WIB, the Kern/Inyo/Mono Counties Workforce Investment Board and the Stanislaus County Alliance Worknet to train eligible workers in those counties."  REF: article19516110.html

"Fresno WIB executive director Blake Konczal said the grant will enable the agency to train at least 325 people in construction and related trades needed for the high-speed rail project."
REF: article19516110.html

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High-Speed Rail in Europe and Asia

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