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Solar Cells and Storage

The 2015 average solar "cell" price was $0.30 per watt and the average solar "module" price was $0.72 per watt.  Per  {Solar Energy cost below}

The average cost also includes the purchase of the land for which the Solar Cells are mounted, and this cost in the BorderTransportationSystem may be minimal, if the Solar Cells are mounted above the High-Speed Rail tracks.  The majority of Solar Cell fields are estimated to have a 'life-span' of 20-years or more, and it is expected that as technology improves this will be increased to 30, 40, or more years.

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Distributed Generation Renewable Energy Estimate of Costs

Solar Energy Cost

Solar Is NOT Maintenance Free: The Growing U.S. Solar O&M Market

Solar Photovoltaic Plant Operating and Maintenance Costs {click [View More] }


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