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Specialized Maintenance

The BorderTransportationSystem is complicated but not.. The idea is to use as many off-the-shelf items as possible, and educate a workforce to know how to troubleshoot and replace, and if necessary calibrate the various components.  Components can be anything from the rails to the road surface, to the fiber optics and electrical generation systems. 

There will be though some very specialized maintenance due to the dangers of working with high-voltage, or sensor systems that MUST operate properly all the time. 

The proposal is to bid out the maintenance packages to a dozen established and minority firms, including those in Mexico.  These firms shall produce a 'full-listing' of all the maintenance items they are qualified to do, and submit employee resumes, schedules for each item, financial sheets, and cost for each scheduled routines.  The following templates will guide the selection process.

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Checklist for Operation and Maintenance Agreement

Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Training, and Administration—OMETA


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