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Medical Services

The U.S.A. / Mexican border has areas that extend for up to a hundred miles or more without any medical services, i.e., medical clinic, hospital, doctor or dentist office, and this can be a difference between life and death for many.

The High-speed transportation of the BorderTransportationSystem can help to eliminate this by having medical Mag Lev or High-Speed rail cars that double as an emergency health care clinic or as a transportation system for getting a person to a distant medical facility quickly.

Visitors to the border area National Parks, and Native Americans on the border area Reservations, along with the Mexican farming Population on our border will appreciate knowing that medical help are available on short notice. The Mexican population along the border will appreciate a weekly or monthly visit from a medical team that can provide care and has brought their medical facilities with them.

Border Patrol Medical Services are also to be considered as many times the Border Patrol personnel or the persons they apprehend are injured during the apprehension process.  Any medical facilities along the route must have personnel and equipment available for snake-bite, knife wounds, gun-shot wounds, and broken bones.  There also needs to be a medical detention system so that criminals can receive medical attention, but not escape or present harm to those who are the caretakers.

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