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Mexico's Role in Rail Transportation

Mexico is upgrading their railroad systems and is working with China to build a high-speed rail from Monterrey, Mexico across the border into Texas and eventually connect with a line to Oklahoma, which hopefully will eventually connect to Canada.  This is be for both passengers and freight, and several million people per year are expected to use the system.

Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México (FNM) - National Railroads of Mexico

The FNM is responsible for ensuring a safe, efficient and competitive railway system to help satisfy economic needs and establish closer ties between international and national markets. Due to the privatization of some lines of the (National Railway System) Sistema Ferroviario Nacional, since 1998 this agency only records statistical information for the Southeast Railways (Ferrocarril del Sureste) and short line railroads still under its control. (Prior to 1998, the FNM was responsible for statistical information for all of Mexico’s railroads).

Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas has been seeking high-speed rail for his district for years, and is finally getting public / private support as people are finding that Mag Lev and HSR can produce financial and social benefits for all.

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Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX-28)

In Mexico, Rail is On a Roll - With Better Security practices

High-speed passenger rail line could link San Antonio to Monterrey

Mexico City–Querétaro High-Speed Railway

Proposed high-speed train link


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