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Private Funding of High Speed Rail

Private Funding of High Speed Rail is possible when the opportunity for RIO, Return On Investment, warrants it.  The BorderTransportationSystem is designed to maximize the opportunities for private funding in both the build and the maintaining stages.   The initial design stage is where there is a 'softness' in finding funding, and will take some expert knowledge of the investment industry and of whom will be willing to take a chance on the outcome of the system.

There are some drawbacks, one of which is Paul Ryan (R-WI - 1999-2017) who in the past has struck down high-speed rail projects like the DesertXpress for not 100% using 'Made in America' materials.  Made in America sounds great until you look to see the status of our rail industry and realize that much of the existing industry is using components that are not Made in America, due to the components not being available by private industry in America.

One would hope that with all the proposed High-Speed Rail systems that are out there that our GOP Congress would welcome with open arms any progress that will potentially creates thousands to millions of jobs, without government funding being the prime investor.

BorderTransportationSystem feels that the project is large enough, important enough, and has massive value to both Mexico and the U.S.A., that it will generate all the components needed, and then expand to other networks, and especially to the world market for high-speed rail components.  Thus, any person or company that helps create and supply the system shall have the opportunity for entering the upcoming and vast High-Speed Rail marketplace.

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