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Mountains that may cause Construction Problems

The border between the U.S.A. and Mexico is mostly relatively flat desert or river bed, i.e., the Rio Grande. But, in some sections of California near San Diego, and in Arizona there are mountain ranges that will require some creative solutions to the placement of the BorderTransportationSystem.

The solution in most instances is to move the rails inland up to several miles, which may cause problems with some of the Native American and others that will be 'trapped' between the physical border and the 'T' rail system border. In some instances there will have to be mountain removal and valley fill-in to make for a smooth and possible ride.

Elevation Considerations:

It is interesting that normal rail and high-speed rail can only stand a 10% elevation rise over a short distance, whereas a Mag Lev vehicle can take up to a 30% elevation rise over the same distance.  Thus, it may be more advisable to only use Mag Lev within the system, or on some of the spur lines.

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RoadSites tm - In the American Southwest: Southwestern Road Trips Utah Edition by [McElroy, William C.]


RoadSites tm - In the American Southwest:

Southwestern Road Trips Utah Edition (RoadSites tm. Book 3)


Dec 5, 2017 | Kindle eBook

by William C. McElroy (Author)








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