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Nuclear Threat Detection

The world is generally a decent place to live and travel within, but there are those that for some unknown reason just want to see mankind disappear from it, or at least some of mankind. The U.S.A. as a 'World Power' and 'Protector' has created many enemies and these people are always seeking ways to harm the citizens of America.

One such method of harm is to bring a Nuclear Weapon or bring nuclear material that can be used to make a 'Dirty Bomb', into the U.S.A., and thus sicken or kill hundreds to millions of people using 'lethal nuclear power'.

To help prevent this, the BorderTransportationSystem should have means of detecting the transport of nuclear materials at all border entry points.

These monitors must be able to be configured for any requirement from small pedestrian entrances, passage of cars and van, trucks, up to larger systems for monitoring the passage of railway carriages. Optionally, the portal monitors should be equipped with remote control, video surveillance systems, and PC control for report generation.

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Detection of concealed Nuclear Materials

Detection of Nuclear Weapons and Materials: Science, Technologies, Observations

Radiation detectors


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