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Parts Storage Facilities

There shall be three (3) primary parts and maintenance facilities along the route of the BorderTransportationSystem, and these shall be maintained by the system.  Each facility shall contain mission critical spare assemblies, sub-assemblies, and individual components that can be replaced in the event of a system failure. 

Mission Critical shall be construed as any item that is required for the safety of the system from Acts of God, terrorism, failure, weather, and other situations.  Mission Critical shall also be construed as any item that if it fails will shut down the operations of the system, i.e., the transportation system, and the Border Security of the system.

Vendors of food, fuel, and pipeline services need not keep spares at the facilities, but may if each deems it would be good for business.  The facility will lease out storage and workbench space on a yearly basis for this purpose. 

The Parts and Maintenance facilities shall be accessible to the high-speed rail system, i.e., trains and cars run through or can be switched into the facilities.  This is common in the rail transport industry, and examples of working facilities can be found throughout the world.

There should be one facility near Brownsville, Texas, one near El Paso Texas, and one near San Diego, California so that no facility is more than a few hours from the other.  In the event of a full system failure, then the facilities should be equipped or near an airport or have helicopter pad access.

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