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Poison Detection

The Colorado River, the Rio Grande River, and many of the lakes and tributaries to each are vital economic assets of both the U.S.A. and Mexico. The water is used for drinking, cleaning, growing, and manufacturing and it must be reasonably free of biological and mineral contaminants that may or will be harmful. Sabotage of water systems has been a major concern to all water companies and the cost of our water is affected by the countermeasures that are needed and used for our protection.

The BorderTransportationSystem will add tens of thousands of businesses and residents along the border, and this will bring more chances for criminal sabotage of the water by those that would do us harm. Thus, a study and a possible increase in sensors that can detect contaminants should be included in the system's design. 


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American Water Works Association {2004 recommendations and systems}

Biosensor can detect water contamination as it happens

Drinking Water Contaminant Candidate List (CCL) and Regulatory Determination

Water monitoring system that uses non-pathogenic luminous marine bacteria



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