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Project Overview

Currently the citizens of Mexico have been harmed by the U.S.A. in many ways; we took up to 90% of their water, we changed the Border location and stole the minerals and gold that should have been theirs, we have a considerable population that treats them like lepers, we by using illegal drugs have created a mess on their Southern Border, we moved our companies into Mexico and then when the people moved to the jobs we left them stranded, we have taken farmland by eminent domain with the help of their government, and the list goes on and on. Mexico and its people are OUR Neighbors, and we need to help them by solving our border problems as well as creating a situation that will provide them needed jobs on their side of the border; this project is designed to do this.

The benefits of the Transportation Corridor will benefit tens of thousand of our and Mexico's construction workers, then provide benefits to all that use the corridor. A toll fee is required for use, and a percentage of that toll can be earmarked for paying back the Bond Holders, and for the creation of schools and other public facilities along the route. The proposed corridor design will also generate fresh water, salt and mineral by-products, electric, and natural gas or other fuels for distribution of the excess not needed for the corridor's operation. The proposed design will encourage construction of housing projects, shopping centers, industrial parks, recreational parks, and government facilities which will hire tens of thousands to eventually millions of citizens on both sides of the border.

We have written the President of Mexico, the State Department, the National Park Service, several border town mayors, and the Interior Department, we have as of this date NOT written to Congress, the President, or the companies that would be involved or using the systems. We propose letters, a website with all pertinent information, specifications, drawings, financial requirements, manpower, and schedules that would assure acceptance of the project. We propose individual meetings with the Congresspersons, mayors, state governors and legislators, and with companies where the system would be first built, i.e., California, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, and Texas.
We are NOT looking for funds from anyone we contact, we do though want the people that can make the decisions understand the possible positive results of the project. We need your blessing and political backing to accomplish this, and ask for your support.

We are believers in High-Speed Vehicle and Rail transportation and believe that it is the future of transportation as airlines fade out due to cost and fuel shortages. We also believe that the environment has been harmed by the use of our current fuel and transportation systems. Some of us are users of Amtrak, and some of us live near our southern border in Tucson, and we see the current limitations and problems.

Several of us are retired and have had a great life here in our country of origin, and want to give back; getting this proposal into the public, even if we are NOT awarded the 'prize' is our goal, wining the prize would be the 'icing on the cake'.  We have contacted members of our Congress, Amtrak, several border city mayors, the President of Mexico, and a few potential railroad company users; the concept has been accepted.

The primary issues to resolve are the funding and the authorizations from the various authorities along the border route. To overcome possible 'objections' we will generate a FAQ manual and website that 'sells' the project; the key being that the project is part of border security and National Security. Currently the Panama Canal is the main route for all shipping, including our Naval Forces between the Atlantic and the Pacific, this proposal will provide a super-fast alternative that cannot be closed down or limited if the Canal Zone decides to no longer be our primary 'shortcut'. {China, Russia, Dictators, terrorist, etc.}.

This corridor would replace the proposed and current walls that can be scaled, dug under, or have thing thrown over {illegal drugs and non-documented workers} and its size, sensor monitoring, traffic, and design would all but eliminate unauthorized crossings. It would though bring needed water, electric, industry and jobs to both sides of the border, and thus cut the need for illegal crossing and the cost to the U.S.A. for capture, detention, courts, and deportations.



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