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Human factors

Humans have a group that loves to destroy items, and there has to be some means of viewing into the passenger compartments to stop this and to arrest those that would vandalize.

English and Foreign language signs or television videos are required for stating the rules and punishments for breaking same. There will be a detailed view of what will happen to you, jail, court, fines, delays; Offenders will be arrested at the next station, if he or she does not follow the rules.

Offenders will not be allowed to continue the trip, not be allowed to get back on, and will be going to a Mexican jail if the action took place on the Mexican side of the border; an American jail and court if offence took place on the American side of the border.

There shall be monitoring devices in each Passenger unit as follows:

Camera to central station

Smoke Detectors

Loud noise detectors / gunshots, fights, bombs

Gas detectors / poison gas releases

Inactive detector detection / masking or other human destruction

Detectors at the stations.. for weapons and contraband

Baggage detectors .. for weapons and contraband

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