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Replacement Parts Requirements

Like all items man made, each will someday fail, either through use, abuse, poor engineering, shelf life expectations, deliberate destruction, weather, and any of hundreds of other means.  Therefore, it is imperative that replacement parts, in the form of assemblies, sub-assemblies, or individual parts, be available to the Border Transportation System at all times. 

As newer updated items are incorporated into the system, these too shall require that the replacement part stock be updated to the current specifications and quality.  There shall be at a minimum of three warehouses along the route that contain the spares for that section of the route. 

Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies are preferred as each suspected failed item can be 'changed out' with in minutes by semi-skilled employees.  Once the item is switched and it is verified that the problem is fixed, the defective item can then be sent to maintenance facility where is can be analyzed, fixed, calibrated if necessary, QC/QA'ed, and then returned to the replacement stock bin from which it came. 

Each supplier of materials to the system must supply three spares for all mission critical items; there should be three spares for non-mission critical items, but these may be maintained at their place of business.  If the business is to close, then it must transfer the stock to the Border Transportation System warehouses.  

Each supplier of materials to the system must supply adequate training and training manuals to the technicians that will be working on the system and maintaining it.

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