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Rest Areas

The vast distance between end-points of the BorderTransportationSystem dictate that there be rest spots along the route.  These rest areas are for both the vehicle traveler and the high-speed rail traveler.  The areas have to accommodate foreigners, the handicapped, single persons, pets, and families, as most do that line our nation's highways.  These areas can be designed around existing designs, but do need specialized parking and rail docking areas; as well as attention to sanitation and disease transfer.

New to the marketplace are paints that can be used for any area that is touched by humans or animals, the paint is microbiological and resistant to germ pick-up or procreation. (See Sherwin-Williams® Paint Shield® below)

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Franchise areas

Fresh water


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Pet areas

Sewage disposal

Sherwin-Williams® Paint Shield® - Microbicidal Paint

Snack Bars



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