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Road Surface Materials

If the optional super highway is added to the BorderTransportationSystem, then the choice of road surface are Concrete, Asphalt, Concrete/Asphalt, or Solar {glass} panel.

Concrete is does not hold up well in areas where ice and snow require salting or salt brine, and concrete requires Teflon coated rebar for tension support.  Many of our roads and major highways are made from poured concrete.  For the majority of the BorderTransportationSystem concrete will work well as most of the weather is either dry and hot or wet and warm.

Asphalt holds up well under salt and other chemicals, but not under oils and gasoline.  Asphalt is inexpensive and lays flat and smooth, providing a good ride surface.  Asphalt does NOT though hold up well under extreme heat that is found in the Arizona / California / New Mexico areas. 

A concrete base with an asphalt top layer is one of the more stable road surfaces, and is the choice of many states as they build their road systems. 

Solar glass panels are new and expensive, but can last as long as any other highway coating and at the same time provide electricity from the sunlight that hits it.  Solar glass also allows for embedding lane markers, and other info directly into the highway.

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