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Existing Solar Fields

Biosphire II - Solar ProjectIn the Southwestern sections of the United States and Northern Mexico there is almost daily unlimited sunshine, and therefore the area along our southern border is prime for construction of Solar Energy Plants.  There currently (2016) exist the following Solar Generation Plants:

  • Sapphire Energy Biotechnical, New Mexico
  • Presidion Solar Field, Texas
  • Santa Terese Port of entry solar field

There is ample room along our border for many more to be built in the near future.  Some of the Native American Tribes along the border can benefit from building Solar Plants that can not only serve the reservations, but provide energy for the BorderTransportationSystem and for sale on the nation's electrical grids.  Native Americans in the Dakotas are already building plants and may someday supply clean solar energy to millions in the Pacific Northwest. 

Solar electric is near free once the initial investment in solar panels and converters is made, and the idea is to overbuild to the point that there is ample excess energy that can be sold or distributed elsewhere.  The BorderTransportationSystem will be using a combination of Solar, Wind, Bio, Hydro, and Fossil fuels for its power sources that will drive the rails, the signals, the security items, the sea water desalination, and much more.

China and Coal

China is doing away with it coal mines and replacing many with Solar Panel fields; they are building a new stadium size solar generating field every hour of every day (Oct 2017).  We in the U.S.A. are now far behind China in this technology and we are reverting to dirty Coal as our primary fuel for electrical generation (Oct 2017)

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