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System Inspections:

The BorderTransportationSystem is composed mainly of 'off-the-shelf' components, but will still require professional inspection services of each and every component on a preset schedule.  Each component manufacturer will be required to develop an inspection and maintenance schedule for his or her products, and will either assume responsibility for the inspections, hire someone to do the inspections, or educate BTS employees on the inspection specifics.

Each component manufacturer 'Shall' produce a written detailed inspection and maintenance requirements manual, and each shall maintain a detailed record of inspections and maintenance by date, time, employee doing the work, inspection results, and action taken to solve any and all problems.  If corrective action is needed then each shall be well documented with times, dates, personnel, actions taken, cost of action, final inspection date and time, who did the final, and this is to include diagrams, photos, text, data sheets, etc..

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