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Technical Challenges to the Border Transportation System

Technically, all the components exist, we have existing water desalting plants, we have existing solar, wind, and nuclear electric, we have existing sensor technology, we have existing highway technology, we have existing pipeline technology, and we have existing high-speed rail technology, what we do NOT have is the technology that puts all these components into an integrated and self-supporting system that can transport both people and products from point 'A' to 'B', while providing life giving water and fuel to those along the transport corridor, and that is our proposal.

The Transport Corridor would have an Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico super highway with a tower in the center divider, the tower would support the sensors, fuel and water pipelines, and at its pinnacle would be the High-Speed Rail and the solar and wind electric generators. The water would be salt water from either body of water that is desalted for drinking, factory, and farming irrigation use. The fuel would be for the various town and industrial needs of heating, burning, and such. The rail cars would be individual and can be configured for passengers, containers, passenger vehicles, and other items needing transport.

In the past magazines like Popular Science and Popular Mechanics have had articles on several of the transportation systems of the future, but we were already into the 'vehicle' age where gasoline was inexpensive, Interstate Highways were being constructed, and hot cars were the norm. Today we have come to a point where roads are ready to be used by autonomously and there are many instances of vehicles that can move without a driver's intervention. We also have tons of experience with pipelines, desalting of water, high-speed, Hyperloop, and MagLev trains; and computerized sensors and control systems, thus each of the components are available and tested individually.

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