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Weapon Threat Detectors

It is unfortunate that we live in a world where people feel that he or she must be armed, or where some 'bad' guy wants to carry a weapon across the border or onto public transportation. It does happen, and therefore the BorderTransportationSystem must have a 'declaration' station and also 'weapon detectors' at each port of entry.

The smuggling of guns is not from Mexico to the U.S.A., but from the U.S.A. to Mexico..  Mexico has very strict gun laws and the criminals in Mexico will bribe, kidnap, threaten, or entice people to bring guns and ammo from the U.S.A. into Mexico.  Hundreds of people smuggling guns and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo are stopped at our borders each year, but much gets through due to the ease of hiding the items and the shear volume of travelers that cross the border.

There are several detection systems on the market, and each uses a different method for detection.  Many are already in use along the U.S.A. / Mexico border by the authorities on both sides of the border. 

Perhaps what we need is better gun control on our side of the border, or a device that 'automatically explodes' ammo as it crosses the border.

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