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Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here


Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here



High Speed Rail in the USA

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Magnetic Levitation Vehicles

Magnetic Levitation roads and vehicles that can be driven on a normal street, alley, or road and then enter the Mag Lev track for 250 + MPH travel in safety and comfort from one city to another. We also designed these in the 1960s, and someday when governments get with it, we may actually have this futuristic means of transportation.

The 500 MPH vehicle.

No, not High-speed trains, but something like it. I-10, I-40, I-17, I-25, I-80, I-90 are Interstate highways with 'right of way' and large wide lanes and medium strips. Now, we have the 'magnetic levitation' technology, and have had it for decades, if we use the Interstate's free space we can build two lanes or Mag Lev. These can be powered by solar cells and wind turbines every few miles, and the idea is to NOT get rid of the automobile, but help it. You drive your vehicle onto a 'truck' that is computer controlled and Mag Lev, this can then transport you safely at 500 MPG to your exit, where your vehicle can then again run on electric, gasoline, Hydrogen, or biofuels

Japan Has this and it works

We allowed our technology to be taken over by Japan some 46 years ago, and today they have not only the world's first MAGLEV train, but are exporting the technology to the USA and the rest of the world.

We have a Washington, D.C., company that is now working with the Japanese to bring some of this technology back to the USA:

USJHSR is the USA - Japanese Partnership on High Speed Rail


China's High Speed MagLev.

"Shanghai Maglev: 267 mph"

"The world’s fastest train isn’t the newest, the shiniest, or even the one with the most expensive tickets. Charging $8 per person, per ride, the Maglev runs the nearly 19 miles from Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport to the Longyang metro station on the outskirts of Shanghai." 

Per CnTraveler..  {External link good as of 5/22/2016}

Baltimore to Washington D.C. corridor

The Baltimore to Washington D.C. corridor is about 40 miles in length and the traffic on the roads are nearing the impossible.  One solution is to reduce the time of traveling between the two cities to 15-minutes or less, and it is being done starting in 2015.  The Mag Lev rail system is being built. 

Northeast - Baltimore - Washington - Mag Lev

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MAGLEV - The New Mode of Transport for the 21st Century

Maglev Systems: It’s Time to Rethink Railroad Transit

The Northeast Maglev (TNEM) -   Governor Ryndell on Board of Directors

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