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Amtrak's Future High Speed Rail System is almost here



High Speed Rail in the USA




High Speed Rail People Mover System (HSRPMS)

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If you ever find yourself in the Denver Airport, you will probably find yourself taking a ride on the People Mover, a one car automatic robot controlled train that takes passengers from terminal to terminal. This was developed in Detroit in the 1970s by companies like Alscott Service and Ford Motor Company. AlScott* did the working miniature model for Ford to test out the concept and sell the idea to others. The People Mover is now being used in many areas of the country for fast and efficient transport of people.

The People Mover was also called the 'Horizontal Elevator' since it acted like a elevator, a transport device that would move people and goods from location to location on demand, and not on a schedule as most buses and trains do.

Like an elevator, the People Mover can be used to move people and goods from building to building, and in between floors of any height. Thus, a city like New York that has skyscrapers can have People Movers at the first, second, third, or eightieth floors from building to building. We have the technology, and a system of People Movers from high-rise to high-rise in most cities would alleviate much of the surface transportation gridlock, while providing safe and efficient transportation of people and goods out of the weather and hustle and bustle of the city's streets. This would save energy, cut pollution, and allow vehicles to park miles away in secure parking garages that are also served by the People Mover networks.

The People Mover developed by Ford Motor Company (My shop was the initial designer of the fully working model that was used for the concept) is a single unit rail car that is self-propelled and programmable by the riders, who use the unit as a 'horizontal elevator'.
Riding on a track system, or a cushion of air, it can reach speeds in excess of 200 MPH. Unlike bus, regular rail, and airline systems that have to work on set schedules, the People Mover is 'ON-Demand'.

Unlike most train systems that have set stations, the People Mover can have a station every 20 feet if that is what is needed, it does NOT stop at any of the stations along its route until called by a user to do so. Thus, if I want to get on in Detroit and off at the airport, I can, or I can take the People Mover to Atlanta if I wish. Unlike many of our public and private transportation systems that only run during the day, the People Mover would be available 24/7, and in most types of weather.

Unlike buses and aircraft, the People Mover can be designed to be nearly 100% safe, the concept and working systems have been in use for over 30 years; the units are equipped with sensors that control speeds, avoid collisions, and self-diagnose and remove each if a potentially dangerous maintenance situation develops.

People Mover tracks can be 'prefabricated' in factories, and can be elevated to help prevent vandalism. Being elevated the tracks can be open to the air in 'U' shaped channels, thus very immune to weather, especially ice and snow that will fall through the track to the ground below.

The People Mover right of way can be the existing Interstate, Federal, and State highway system, and can also supplement or replace the passenger rail systems.
The 'track' design can contain solar and wind energy generators for the electric that will be used for much of the daytime power. The track can also be designed to carry commercial electric, natural gas, water, etc., to areas around the country, thus adding value and with the conduit rentals, help pay for the systems.

People Mover systems can also be brought into buildings, i.e. a building in an industrial park, and a single parking area can be built on the outskirts (mulitlevel) and the People Mover go from building to building within the park; and being an "On-Call' system, it can provide office to parking lot service on a moment's notice. This saves land, snowplowing in northern state, and development dollars as roads, street signs, traffic lights, etc., with the industrial park would be minimum.

In cities like Philadelphia, the People Mover is a low cost alternative to building new highways to take up the ever increasing volume of people traveling in and out of the city. Philadelphia like most cities have 'subways or elevated rail systems in place, this would replace the scheduled lines that if missed can result in long waits, with a On-Call system that is much speedier and safer.

It is time to rethink our cities and the transport of people and goods.

* AlScott was formed and owned by the owner of this website. 


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