William (Bill) C. McElroy (1942 - ) 

William is a registered scientist, an inventor, a world traveler, and the author of travel books, travel websites, and scientific articles. He is well known and very popular on several major travel sites for his in-depth Southwestern travel reviews.

William's 40-year publishing history includes on-line Internet and industry help manuals, hi-tech training manuals, construction industry manuals, IC manufacturing manuals, and several magazine articles for companies that include Prentice Hall, Craftsman Book Company, Pearson Publications, Family Handyman, Dohrman Instruments, Ampex Corporation, Amtech Inc., PureAire Corporation, RETS (CHI), and Stromroy Corporation.

William is an environmentalist that believes in the protection of wildlife, be it in the country or the city; his children's book 'Squirrels I have Met' is designed to bring attention to the wonders of our natural environment and its wonderful creatures.

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