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Tips for doing a Search:

If you want to find Fish Farms, use quotes around the term, "Fish Farms".  When you use quotes the search will find only the text within the quotes, otherwise it will find everything with Fish or Farms in it. 

If you do not find a complex statement, then reduce the statement to one or two words.  Bike tours for Big Bend can be reduced to Bike tours or Bike.

If looking for a specific two or more items, use the AND between the words. Canoe AND Tubing will find all instances of Canoe and all instances of Tubing that are in the same sentence.

You can search by name, GPS, city, state, address, phone, and classification, etc.

Finding Subject Matter & Pages when NOT on the site:

Tip on using BorderTransportationSystem for finding information

To find say, 'Animal Sanctuary' on the website, type 'BorderTransportationSystem Animal Sanctuary' into your search engine box {MSN®, Google®, Yahoo®, Bing®, etc.}

This works for almost any subject that is on the website, and there are tens of dozens of topics embedded in the site's content, and all are searchable.

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