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Welcome to the Secure Border Wall Project

MagLev Train that can generate tens of thousands of U.S.A. jobs, and border security.

{Photo is from Alex Needham (own photography) on en.wikipedia and is Public Domain}

One would hope we could have open borders with our Neighbors in the Americas, but we still have much Bias and Hate among some of us, thus we need to look to an alternative approach, which is a method of securing the border while helping build the lives of millions. This site, does just that, it provides answers and solutions to dozens of the U.S.A. / Mexican Border problems.

The site is designed to show how a Secure Border Wall and Border Transportation System can be built.  A system that is self-supporting and can provide opportunities and jobs for tens of thousands of citizens on both sides of the U.S.A. / Mexican Border, jobs that can be expanded into the millions over the decades. 

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Do you like the idea detailed, if so, then please tell your friends, put a link on Facebook, write your congressperson, write your newspapers.. We need to do this, to get this started and promoted.. Thanks.. BTS Management..


One of the prime reasons for the development of the BorderTransportationSystem is that it spurs on advancement between nations in the western hemisphere and beyond.  It can produce product made in America that can be exported to all nations.  We are close to losing the market due to isolationism as it is, and due to the inability for our citizens to see the future beyond our borders.  Other nations are younger than we in terms of technology, construction, transportation, communications, education, etc., but are fast catching up and surpassing us on all fronts. 

We need to develop advanced technology and procedures that spring us years ahead of them, and the BTS is just one thought that can work, and that can improve the lives of millions.  

We in our stupidity and reluctance to see the future of transportation have given up much to Japan, China, and Europe, this is our chance to outdo them and retake the world wide market.  Via BTS..

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You can order an version of this write-up in Kindle form using the title "Border Security Solved with High Speed Rail"  or "Generating Jobs Using Existing Solutions"  ASIN:  B07627HWG2 

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a Secure Border Wall and BorderTransportationSystem that provides freight, passenger, fuel, water, and energy transport along our southern U.S.A. / Mexican Border.  This BorderTransportationSystem is designed to be self-supporting with minimal cost to the taxpayers of both nations.

The Secure Border Wall and BorderTransportationSystem can be built with private funds using long-term leasing to the railroads, the solar and wind energy utilities, the food and service's franchises, the water utilities, and by private investors that include all the companies that will be supplying materials and labor to the building of the project.  The U.S.A. and Mexican Border Patrol units will also have a stake in the project and thus some of their budget will be used, but at the same time the system with its design and monitoring sensors will make it more secure, and thus less costly for the Border Patrol services.

Company Profile

We are researchers, designers, and planners and have years of varied experience that is being used for the research and development of this Secure Border Wall and  BorderTransportationSystem that is designed to Secure our U.S.A. / Mexican Border while providing opportunities to those citizens and companies on both sides of the border.

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