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Station Open Times

Along the BorderTransportationSystem route there will be certain border crossing areas and rest areas that are used infrequently, and some that will be used consistently, and only time and traffic count and use will give an accurate result.  Therefore, it will be an educated guess as to which stations will be open 24/7/365, and which will only be open during peak morning and afternoon times.

Note that some stations will be used more by Americans, and some will be used more by the Mexican population, and therefore must be manned by an appropriate ratio of employees.

As time goes by the scheduling of station open times will be adjusted to reflect the traffic that is actually counted at each station.  It makes NO Sense to keep an area open 24/7/365 if it is not profitable for the franchise owners that are renting space in the station.  In this instance, it may be more profitable to have vending machines for food, drink, and personal supplies.  Rest rooms would remain open and cleaned daily. 

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