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Drug only Passage

Drug smugglers are smart people and the BorderTransportationSystem has to be smarter.  The smugglers will try to use tunnels for snaking through the drugs on the backs of animals, they will try to fly the drugs over the BorderTransportationSystem via drones and other model aircraft.  They will try to just drive the drugs over the border hidden in vehicles or within their bodies. 

The BorderTransportationSystem is designed to limit the amount of illegal drugs that are passed from Mexico to the U.S.A..   Sensors that are 100% monitored by humans will be required in all tunnels and areas where there is a possibility of passing drugs over the border.  Tunnels for smaller animals will have a series of turns and switchbacks that make it difficult for snaking a product through.  Large tunnels will have a series of gates that will be monitored and if a drug is detected will trap the drug within a set of the gates.

Drones and model aircraft can be detected with various sensors and radars.  There are military grade electric rifles (see DroneDefender™ below) and there are high powered water blasters.

According to US federal law: “whoever willfully sets fire to, damages, destroys, disables, or wrecks any civil aircraft, shall be fined or imprisoned not more than twenty years or both.”

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