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Bond & Financial Experts

The cost of the BorderTransportationSystem will be into the hundreds of billions of dollar and may exceed one trillion dollars when all aspects of the system is developed.  The cost though will be offset by the development of tens of thousands of acres of U.S.A. / Mexican land that is currently underutilized, and thus will benefit millions in the coming decades.

There will be a need within the BorderTransportationSystem to sell private and government bonds, and to procure independent financial support in the form of Bonds, Stocks, Notes, Loans, Gifts, and more.  Therefore, a minimum of one person will be responsible for obtaining financial help, which is the job of all persons within the organization to help develop. 

There are many different types of Bonds, and the following provides a quick look at some that may be available to the BorderTransportationSystem for development of the system.

"The most significant proposals are for qualified public infrastructure bonds (QPIBs) and two different America Fast Forward bonds (AFF bonds). "

"AFF bonds are aimed at attracting new types of investors into the infrastructure market, particularly public pension funds, corporate pensions, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, and taxpayers in lower income brackets." REF:

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